Grade 12 Essay Contest Winner Laura C. Blachier: The Skin Issue

Throughout my time as a teenager, I dealt with the irritating issue of annoying red things appearing on my face, or in other words, facial acne. Although this is seen as a common issue among people my age, I personally was oblivious to this fact and felt as though I was the only person in my entire school who had this problem. On a daily basis I would just admire people with the glorious, glowing, clear, acne-free skin! Oh my gosh, they were SO lucky! Regrettably, as a way to deal with the anger I felt for my skin, I would make the dumb decision to pop my zits. At the time this was enjoyable for me for some reason and I loved the feeling of making my zits smaller by squishing disturbing goop out of them. Although when I look back, I now realize that it was more than likely the main reason why my acne was so bad. Oops…

One day I decided to go for a walk inside of my local mall simply because I just had nothing better to do that particular day. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I did not have a job, I had a small amount of savings; $220 to be exact. Even though I knew that I should be saving for university I figured that it would be okay if I spent some money at the mall, I usually just want to buy food anyways. While I was walking I went into the store where I would soon purchase one of the dumbest things I have ever spent my money on. This was the store that sucks you into the vortex of thinking "THIS PRODUCT WILL FIX EVERYTHING," this store was my local beauty retailer. Now, my local beauty store may appear to be a just an interesting place to buy beauty products, but in reality it is a beauty store that is filled to the brim with advertising. At the moment I walked into this place I was immediately greeted by one of the salespeople in the store. This individual had the most beautiful skin I had ever seen in my life! I could not see a single pimple on her face! Thus I automatically admired this person and even spent some time discussing with her how nice her skin was. She ended up leading me to the skincare section of the store where she showed me the "Clear Skin Acne Solutions Sonic Cleansing Brush Set".

This woman claimed that this kit allowed her to have her clear skin. She went on for at least five minutes straight discussing all the wonderful things about the skin care package! Plus, once she finally stopped talking about the kit. I spent at least five minutes looking at all the advertising written all over the box. I loved the idea of looking like the people on the box, they all looked so happy with their blemish free skin! Then I came to the conclusion that this package was going to completely obliterate my acne. I walked up to the cash register and gave out $110, exactly half of my savings.

The second I got home I ripped open the box and immediately started using the ALL of the products in box. I felt so proud of myself for finding such an easy solution to my many years of pimple problems! I even took at least one hundred pictures of my face so that was I can show everyone my skin before and after using the skin care package. After my exciting day I flopped down onto my bed and went to sleep, happily imagining what my skin was going to be like the next morning…

It was 7:00 AM when I woke up to the piercing sound of my beeping alarm clock. As I slapped my hand down on the alarm clock to quiet the noise I cranked open my eyelids and instantly began to scratch at my face. IT WAS SO ITCHY! In agony I ran to the washroom, turned on the water and just started splashing all over my face. Thankfully this did stop the itching for the most part, although I somehow ended up getting water all over the floor. When I looked up at the mirror, my face looked like a giant tomato. Every bit of my face was completely red! Also, it was not only red, it was peeling. Whenever I went to scratch at my skin, it would flake off onto my bathroom counter. There was only one possible conclusion for this disaster, I had a terrible reaction to the skin care package. This was the dumbest thing I have ever spent my money on.

Originally I was furious that I wasted so much money on something that made my skin even worse than it was before. Later I realized that I learned a lot for this experience. First of all, I should have researched the product online before I purchased it, I would have seen all the negative reviews the kit received and all the warnings from people who had a similar reaction to product. Secondly I shouldn't have become hypnotized by the sales lady and the advertising on the package, since those two things do NOT mean that a certain product is good. Finally, I also should have acknowledged that it's not a smart idea to spend half your money on just one thing! There is always a bit of uncertainty with anything you buy and to use half of you money is a HUGE risk. Thankfully, my skin did recover from this experience and I ended up doing a lot more research on what might be good and bad for my skin. Today, my skin is almost acne free and I am way smarter when it comes to spending my money.

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