Life Events

Every phase of life has its unique challenges, and some of those are financial. Circumstances and needs change over time, each different and complicated in its own way. Whether youíre trying to decide on the best housing option, or planning for your kidsí college education or your parentsí care in their later years, youíll be able to make better choices if youíre well-informed. Let Practical Money Skills help you to build an understanding of the various challenges and opportunities youíre likely to face in the years to come.

Welcome to the Workforce
You've been in school for what seems like your entire life. But what feels like the end of one part of your life is actually the beginning of a much larger part of your life.

Renting an Apartment
While it doesn't offer any investment potential, apartment rental is the choice for people in a variety of situations. Improve your renting experience by knowing more about the financial and legal aspects.

Marriage is the merging of separate lives and separate financial situations. With a lifetime of shared financial experiences ahead, itís important to learn to communicate about financial matters.

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