How Much Is Appropriate to Spend on Prom?

Over $1,000

$500 - $999

$150 - $499

Under $150

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How Much Is Appropriate to Spend on Prom?

How often do you review your credit report?

Do you currently follow a household budget?

Do you currently have a will in place?

What type of mortgage do you have on your home?

Do you still use a chequebook?

Has the economy affected your vacation plans?

With record job losses this year, how concerned are you about employment?

Should financial literacy be a high school graduation requirement?

How much debt do you carry?

If you had no income, how long would your current savings last?

Is financial literacy education mandatory in your province?

If you had an extra $500, what would you do with it?

Do you think playing games in the classroom is a good idea?

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