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VISA, Soccer, Education and Finance


10 mai 2010

Original Article

Visa recently launched its very first online game, which is based on the rules of soccer. The purpose of the game is to educate consumers about managing their personal finances.

The credit giant developed the game with the cooperation of FIFA, the Fédération Internationale de Football Association. Visa is planning to offer the game in over 30 countries by June, which marks the beginning of the 2010 FIFA World Cup in South Africa.

The game is available in ten different languages and asks multiple-choice questions about personal finance management. "We believe that financial literacy enables people to lead a better life, save and better enjoy their retirement," Tim Wilson, Head of Visa Canada, said at the launch of the game in a Toronto school on Monday.

"Canada has an educated, tech-savvy population, which is a plus, but in terms of financial management, everyone has room to learn,” he added.

Last year, federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty launched the Task Force on Financial Literacy aimed at educating the public about personal finance.

The Investment Industry Association of Canada argues that the public's financial education is key to the prosperity of Canadians and should even be part of school curriculums. Visa will be submitting an approval request to the Task Force on Tuesday. The game is available at