Statement by James Asmus, writer of the financial literacy comic book called Avengers: Saving The Day, created by Marvel and Visa Inc.:

“I couldn’t have been more delighted to work on this unique comic. The comics I remember most vividly from my life are the ones that came to me by surprise at a young age. So I was excited to try and make a comic as fun and exciting as anything I’ve done at Marvel, in the hopes that kids across the world can experience just how great these stories can be.

“Great all-ages stories and entertainment often have valuable guidance and educational elements for kids in the audience — it’s all about finding a story that fits the concepts you want to communicate. When Visa presented some core concepts about finance that they wanted to help express to kids in a fun way, Marvel editor Bill Roseman and I had a great time cooking up concepts that would get Spider-Man and the Avengers talking about banking! The concept of a bank robbery is classic comic book fodder but, luckily, Marvel’s villains always add elements of the unexpected that let’s every story hold surprising details.

“While I’ve been writing a number of comics for Marvel over the last few years, this was my first opportunity to write for Spider-Man and several of the other Avengers. Of course, as a life-long Marvel fan it was supremely gratifying to get to write for the biggest characters — let alone getting to mix them together for a crazy adventure.

“There’s a lot happening in this comic! We’ve packed danger, humor, spectacle, and character moments in alongside introductions to both financial principles and Marvel’s mightiest heroes. I’d say readers would be getting their money’s worth, even if Visa weren’t handing it out.

“I know that, as a kid, I would have been completely thrilled to get a comic like this. It’s got all the fun and excitement that you think of when you imagine a Marvel comic. And thanks to some sly and playful introduction of financial advice, Visa will be using their incredible reach to get it to as many kids as possible! Just hearing all the languages this book has been translated into, I know this will be the most widely read thing I’ve written so far in my career! It’s an amazing honor to know that I got to write what will undoubtedly be the first comic book tons of kids around the world will read — and it stars Spider-Man and the Avengers! It just doesn’t get cooler than that.”

Bio: James Asmus has been writing scripts for all manner of media for over ten years. His Marvel Comics' work includes runs as a writer for Captain America & Bucky and Generation Hope, along with work on Uncanny X-Men, Deadpool Team-Up, Runaways, and more. He studied at Loyola University New Orleans, where he received a BA in Theater Arts.