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Checking Your Credit Rating

Every Canadian has the right to know what his/her credit rating looks like.

Indeed, the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada recommends that you request a copy of your credit file at least once a year and check it for accuracy. This is an especially good idea if you have plans for a large loan application in the future.

Most national and international creditors, such as banks and department stores, are registered with all bureaus, so the chances are good that whatever shows up on one credit report will also appear on the others.

You can get a copy of your credit file through one of the consumer-reporting agencies in Canada, usually free of charge.

Here are some tips on obtaining and reviewing your credit report:

  • Do not phone the credit reporting agency, they will not discuss your specifics on the phone. Mail or fax a written request or visit their office and ask to see your report
  • You'll need to prove your identity before the documents will be released to you
  • Do not hire someone else's services to check your credit rating for you
  • If you prefer to view your data online, you'll be charged a nominal fee
  • If you dispute the result of an investigation by the consumer-reporting agency, a statement explaining that you disagree will be added to your file
  • If you notice any errors, the credit-reporting agency will investigate.