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Mortgage Pre-Qualifying Documents

When it's time to qualify for a mortgage, you'll need to document a lot of your financial life. That means digging through your files to retrieve documents you probably thought you'd never need again. Be sure to find out what kind of documentation you'll need before applying. Your document soup ingredients will probably include the following:

  • Property or house plans (if the house is being built)
  • Certificate of location
  • Survey certificate (if applicable)
  • The accepted offer (if you have one)
  • Notices of Assessment from the past two or three years
  • Paycheques or pay stubs for the past month that include your Social Insurance Number
  • T4 slips from the past two or three years
  • Recent credit-card statements
  • Payment records for all other loans
  • Bank account statements for the past three months
  • Brokerage account statements for the past three months
  • Your car title(s)
  • Any bankruptcy documents
  • Life insurance policies
  • Documentation of any other sources of income, including a second job, anticipated overtime, sales commissions, bonuses, interest and dividend income, spousal support, child support, etc.
  • If your employer is offering relocation assistance, a documented agreement of same
  • A complete list of creditors, including minimum monthly payments and balances
  • Cancelled cheques from recent rent payments