Introduction to Investing

You may be surprised to know it, but investing is not that complicated. Taking the time to learn the basics of investing will be worth the effort. After all, having worked so hard for your money, your money should work for you. Your first investment is an investment of time to figure out what investing is all about.

How we choose

How people choose to invest their money is largely a function of three things: their individual goals, their tolerance for risk and their budget.

Investment choices

There are many investment instruments on the market. Each has a different level of risk and expected return. The "safer" investments offer a better chance of preserving your original outlay of funds, but the rate of return will be low. If you're willing to take more of a gamble, there's an abundance of investments whose returns may be higher, but which come with the risk of losing it all.

Investments fall into three principal categories:

How we invest (according to the Canadian Banker's Association)

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